About Us

The Infocache Difference

"One size does not fit all needs." What makes Infocache stand out is a consultative approach for long term relationship management that is focused on providing value and not driven by profit maximization alone. Our commitment to superior quality and responsiveness to client needs is the sole reason for our success.

Infocache Corporation is a New York-based business process outsourcing (BPO) company providing customized solutions and savings. Our optimal combination of onshore and offshore resources allows us to achieve premium quality, fast turnaround at low cost. Our projects have involved many of the AM Law 100 firms and Fortune 500 companies in Financial Services, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Tobacco, Automotive, Medical, Media, Education and Real Estate. We offer both web-based and off-line litigation bibliographic coding and indexing with a capacity of 500,000 images per week.

In the client's best interest we selectively partner with other specialists where broader services are needed. We ensure our client gets superior quality and greater savings. At Infocache, we pride ourselves on our dedication to client satisfaction and highly competitive prices.