Document Processing

Records Management

We offer an array of customized records management solutions to make your operations more efficient while saving time, space and money.

Statistics indicate:

  • One out of every twenty documents is lost
  • The average organization makes 19 copies of each document
  • An executive loses 6 weeks per year looking for misplaced documents
  • U.S. businesses spend more than $25 billion a year on filing, storing, and retrieving paper documents
  • Educational institutions frequently lose contact with their alumnae due to lost or inaccurate records

Alumnae Records
A crucial function in maintaining the overall prestige of a university is an active and involved alumnae base. Maintaining constant and consistent contact with one's own alumnae is crucial in ensuring that year on year giving is maintained. However, while recent graduates have their information easily archived, the older alumnus that often have far more disposable income often have their records held manually. Infocache will create a fully searchable digital records management system allowing for easy searching, coding and updating of alumni files. Having a living, breathing database will enhance your contact list and also save on contacting alumni with outdated contact information.

In addition to the above key areas we have also indexed surveys, questionnaires, medical and transcript records.