E-Commerce Support


Indexing is the primary, and perhaps the most important step in data storage and retrieval. Accuracy and thoroughness in this process can save hours of effort and hundreds or thousands of dollars. The usability and value of a database is contingent upon the relevance of the tags and accuracy of indexing.

Our staff and process ensure that adequate effort is devoted to understanding the needs of the client, applications of the database and on quality assurance to create an easily searchable and efficient database.

Digitized documents can also be indexed remotely into client's existing database application. It is easy to store data on the web if multiple people at different locations need to access and view it.

We can also perform data entry to create a database from paper documents. If the quality of pre-digitized documents is good they can also be made searchable through OCR and necessary OCR clean up. Let us digitize and index all your records, case files, catalogs, manuals, parts lists, surveys and books for easy storage and efficient retrieval. Save effort, time, money and space!

Our recent projects include:

  • Indexing of employee records
  • Online tagging of photos, videos and audio recordings
  • Indexing of alumnae records
  • Indexing responses of market research surveys.