E-Commerce Support

Menu Data Entry for Restaurants, Order & Delivery Services

Infocache has over 12 years of experience in data entry of online and offline menus. We have a highly trained team that specializes in entering and updating menus that constantly change frequently.

We have invested significantly in training our staff and creating quality control measures that ensure reliable and accurate data. The complexity in contemporary menus and updates requires specialized trained staff.

Sample of variables include:

  • Nutritional data,
  • Variety of combinations,
  • Choice of sizes,
  • Varying prices,
  • Hours of operation,
  • Letter capitalization and spelling nuances,
  • Descriptions

Infocache is your one stop solution for an experienced team at competitive prices that provides 24x7 support. We offer TAT as quickly as 4 hours. Besides data entry, our technical staff works closely with clients to help create and enhance the design and structure of customized databases. By utilizing our staff in India we provide the advantage of cost savings as well as timely turn around due to the time difference.