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Records Management for Cemeteries

Digitizing Cemetery Services for Lasting Integrity

Preserving our history is the key way of ensuring a lasting legacy in this world. As record keeping technology improves, so does our ability to maintain and promote integrity. Infocache Corporation specializes in cemetery record management to ensure accurate and accessible records. Our image processing services eliminate the need to rely on handwritten paper documents that are susceptible to damage by water, fire and time.

The Leaders in Record Management

Infocache Corporation was founded on a strong principle of preserving the most important information to create peace of mind for families and descendants of those who have passed. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, our team of specialists offers superior data management with expert interpretation of aged handwritten documents. Remove the risk of losing this important data with qualified curation of data to produce the complete historical record possible.

Complete Recovery of Historical Burial Data

Once the team at Infocache Corporation has designed and developed the most suitable database for your cemetery, we carefully curate historical records of deaths and burials, as well as collect information on new burials. The result is an easily accessible database featuring complete records that can be accessed both remotely and on mobile devices. This high level of accessibility makes it easier to provide information to families, government agencies and interested parties with efficiency while protecting the records from disaster through robust backup management.

Reliable Data Collection and Storage for Cemeteries

Infocache Corporation is committed to producing reliable and dependable documentation for cemeteries and other industries, and also offer auto dealers record management services and data entry. To find out more about how we can take the risk out of records management, call us at (516) 767-0777.