Document Processing

Data Conversion

All the talk of a paperless society for decades led to an assumption that access and amount of data will be more readily manageable. In reality, quite the contrary has developed - the volumes and sources of data have grown exponentially. With the constant evolution of technology it is imperative to have the data in an easily accessible and retrievable format or the reader will move on...

In this information age Infocache has the experience, human and technical resources for data conversion of expansive volumes of content in a multitude of formats. Data conversion is frequently required for easy posting on the web and facilitating efficient web searches. Web based data has the greatest visibility and is accessed most frequently.

Some of our data conversion services include:
  • Paper to TIFF or PDF
  • Conversion from Text to PDF
  • Conversion from PDF to Word
  • Data compilation in PDF format from several sources
  • Bookmarking, cropping, rotation and deletion of blank pages, etc. in PDFs
  • eBook conversion
  • Conversion from PageMaker to PDF
  • Conversion from PDF to HTML
  • Conversion from Text to Word to HTML and Acrobat Fine
  • Conversion from PDF to Excel
  • XML conversion
  • and many more...