24x7 Support Services

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24x7 Support Services

Infocache has a large pool of talented individuals at your service 24X7 for greater overall customer experience and lower work pressures at the client end. A wide range of technical support services are being outsourced to India due to good English language skills and the time difference that serves the needs of US based companies, very well. Easy access to experienced specialists at significant savings and the added benefits of improved service quality, reduced risk and costs.

Our support professionals have extensive knowledge with domain expertise and clearly understand most business flows, requirements and the driving variables.

Some of our 24x7 services include

  • Invoice Processing
  • Medical Claims processing
  • Online product updates
  • OCR
  • Business Cards indexing
  • Survey processing
  • Online receipt processing
  • Data entry
  • Word processing
  • Online data entry of URL links for books with their categorization
  • Indexing of vouchers and documents
  • Web based indexed document retrieval services, tools and support
Please contact us for a quick estimate on pricing and turnaround.