Web Services

Data Mining/Harvesting & Updates

Infocache has been providing web extraction and data mining services since 2000. Over fifteen years of service has provided us with the experience to successfully manage web extraction and data mining projects of various sizes in diverse industries.

The Internet has changed the way business is conducted, managed and grown. Competition has been redefined in multiple ways. Gathering and analyzing competitive intelligence is an ongoing endeavor requiring flexibility and rapid response. It is now necessary to scout vast sources of data to differentiate and strengthen your market presence. However, it is not so easy to do. An overload of data currently exists on the web; only after accurate interpretation does it become relevant and meaningful. It requires a lot of practice, training and a good amount of expertise to get exactly what you want and in the required measures from the world wide web.

Managing the endless sources of information on the world wide web requires skill, expertise and a dedicated staff. Our analysts are trained in searching for text, URLs, individual, corporate and product information. We perform a preliminary analysis of the relevant sites to understand the data structure and specific project needs. We can provide output in any format specified by the client. Daily or weekly updates are routinely provided.

Our web extraction services also include data cleansing, data validation and data updates.
Some of our recent projects include:

  • Extracting data from multiple university sites pertaining to specific courses
  • Extracting data from consumer websites and blogs
  • Regular updates for sports scores, product lists, menus, etc.
  • Compare pricing and positioning of product at various distributors/retailers
  • Data Extraction for current market news related to products/services
  • Data mining from existing and prospective customer databases
  • Set alerts for real-time auto updates